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                  About us

                  About us

                  ENGLED was founded in 2009, has advanced technology which from U.S.A, owns about 20 items national inventions and patents,specialized in the development, production, selling and service of professional LED lighting products.

                  ENGLED is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development and production for LED packaging and LED lighting, we set up researching center in U.S.A, gathering numbers of industry elite, most of our members come from CREE, Bridgelux, with strong technological abilities and rich manufacturing experiences.

                  Advanced management mechanism, modern professional equipment and reliable process guarantee, has established the new image of Chinese high-end LED lighting solution provider.
                  Since founded, ENGLED keeps continuous creation and progressive, we got continuous breakthrough in the past years:

                  2009 developed double 90 1W high power product, CRI>90%,efficiency>90%

                  2011 developed COB Led illuminant with special ceramic base, CRI is 85%, efficiency is 90~100 lm/w; heat dissipation through the ceramic base itself, save the heatsink and Al. base, smaller, lighter and more competitive in price

                  2012 developed full spectrum COB illuminant with high CRI during 95%-97%, applied in high-end occasions, such as museum, art exhibition, etc. Already used for GanSu Mogao Caves and Great Hall of the People

                  2013 Cooperated with Chinese Academy of Sciences and developed 360 degree LED filament and LED filament bulb, win 5 national patents, CRI is during 80-90%, efficiency is 120-160 lm/w, water proof, more gentle, save heatsink, smaller, lighter and save 90% energy than traditional incandescent bulb

                  New transcend with new start, ENGLED will continuously strengthen our researching, develop more energy saving, more reliable, more humanized LED products. Let’s work together and have win-win cooperation, create better future with low-carbon technology.